My Lovely Mechanic

Driving can be so much fun sometimes. Not the actual act of driving but of getting places. The freedom that comes with owning your own car is genuinely unparalleled, since it means that I can pretty much go wherever I want, whenever I want.

After years of walking everywhere and relying on my friends for transport, buying my first car was a big change. Since I first purchased it, I’ve learned a number of things about cars and vehicle maintenance that I never would have otherwise known. Part of the reason for this is because I regularly take my car to a dedicated car mechanic servicing Adelaide, who is able to check my car and explain things to me as I am watching.

I really love how transparent this mechanic is, as he is a kind and fair person who I know is not going to try to scam me out of money for things that I don’t understand. Not to mention, he’s been in the business for more than thirty-five years, so he certainly knows a thing or two! Very professional countenance and great customer service skills. I am so lucky to have found a mechanic like this so close to my home, as I know a number of people must drive across the city to reach him and his superior services. For example, at my last log book service he said I needed a car aircon regas. The words flew over my head the first time he said them, but he sat me down and explained (in basic terms, like an overview) the electrical components of my car and how the air conditioning and things like that worked.

I was astounded by his thoroughness, and quite frankly, very pleased. An aircon regas can be a simple and affordable job if you go to the right mechanic, he said. And apparently, he had completed thousands of these particular jobs over the course of his working life. The job was truly completed by an experienced hand; I was out within the hour with my car as good as new.