Dreaming of Dragons

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve had this image of a dragon in my mind. I’m not sure where it first came from, but it seems to have stayed. I dream about it almost every single night, this massive, hulking dragon with deep green scales fading into black. It flies through my mind, breathing fire and scaling mountains. I’ve drawn this dragon several times, but I can’t seem to get my ideas onto the paper since I’m not a very good artist. That’s why I’ve decided to visit the best tattoo shop Brisbane has and get the tattooist to sketch a design for me. I figured since I’ve had this dragon in my mind for a long time now, I might as well get it permanently etched onto my skin. Don’t question my logic. Anyway, I’ve been searching for dragon-related images online to see if I can find one that is similar to the picture that I would like to get tattooed. I’ve come across the idea that dragons are quite popular in the Japanese style of tattooing, as well as other elements such as geishas and cherry blossoms. Funnily enough, the dragons I found during this search are the closest I’ve ever come to finding the dragon that lives inside my mind. It turns out that my tattooist is also going to be the best Japanese tattooist Brisbane currently offers, so this whole thing seems a bit like it’s meant to be, if you ask me. There are quite a few things I still have to do before my tattoo appointment tomorrow afternoon. I have to finish planning my design, then I’m going to have a shower to ensure my skin is nice and clean before the ink is put on it. I need to get a good rest beforehand, since I imagine I’m going to be sitting in the chair for a while and I wouldn’t want to start moving around and disrupting the artist’s process. I’ll let you know how it goes.