Can’t Leg It

Ronaldo’s mission to build a rat car started after he injured his leg at work. He had been scurrying through the New South Wales sewer network, delivering bedding supplies like feathers and hay to his customers, when he came across a cluster of cockroaches. There had to have been at least a dozen of them, all standing proud and menacing in an impenetrable group. Further down south, the rats had struck an alliance with the cockroaches and each species was able to coexist in peaceful harmony. But here, in Queanbeyan, the warring between sides was still as prominent as ever. 

With a great huff, Ronaldo had tried to pass the cockroach group, but he had injured his leg in the ensuing melee. So, he was done with walking until it healed. He still had to make bedding deliveries, though, which was where his brilliant mind got to work.

Ronaldo was surprised that there was no mechanic servicing the Queanbeyan area. There wasn’t even a single car travelling through the underground sewers. Humans had cars, and rats were just as capable, so why couldn’t Ronaldo create one, too? It wouldn’t even be difficult to accomplish, since he had all the human blueprints to go off. He would just have to do everything on a smaller scale.

Ronaldo knew he was luckier than most other rat entrepreneurs. His work was connected to an above-ground car repair and maintenance services store that the humans used for their own cars, so it wouldn’t be difficult for him to procure the parts he needed. It was simply a matter of figuring out how to shrink everything down to the correct scale, since the cars would have to be small enough to slide through the sewers and flexible enough to manoeuvre around rat pedestrians. He could even ‘borrow’ some straw from work and use it to stuff the car seats. After Ronaldo’s injury, his boss would have to let him use what he wanted. Otherwise, the health inspectors were just a quick phone call away.