Wannabe Tattoo Artist

I think tattoos are so cool. Of course I do; I’m an artist, so I will naturally tend to appreciate any sort of artistry. Sculpture is awesome. Painting is even better. Tattoos? They’re just another form of art. The fact that the skin is the canvas only makes it even cooler, since that way it is much more dynamic and fluid than a simple piece of paper would be. I know what you’re wondering: Have I got any tattoos? No. And, to be honest, I don’t think I ever would. However, I can still appreciate good art when I see it.

Take, for example, how the other week I got the chance to watch the best tattooist Brisbane currently has at work. I love watching artists’ processes. Seeing the spark of creativity in their eyes as they sketch out ideas or add colour to linework is a really interesting way to pass time. It’s almost like a bit of a hobby for me. This particular tattoo artist even offered to let me come back and watch. He knows that I am also a bit of a filmographer and can potentially create some really amazing footage to promo the tattoo shop. I agreed to that deal, of course. Anything to watch another artist at work.

I am particularly interested in finding a realism tattoo artist near me. In previous months, I have travelled far and wide to watch Brisbane’s best artists. However, I am now looking to spotlight local talent, since the smaller and less well-known stores deserve promotions as well. Like many other types of artistry, realism tattoos take an incredible amount of effort and skill. It is so hard to get them to look good, but an experienced artist can do just that. I can’t wait to find one who will let me watch them work. Maybe one day, once I’ve seen enough artists’ work, I can even become a tattoo artist myself!