Tiny Country Bathroom

My boyfriend and I have decided that we are done with suburban life. It’s too chaotic, too loud. We want a change. That’s why we recently bought a tiny house and are moving to the country. It’s still in Victoria and is just outside of Melbourne, so if we do ever need to get into the city it won’t be too inconvenient to do so. We both work from home, and we have both always been interested in tiny living. It seems like a great way to reduce our impact on the environment and is not only a step, but one gigantic leap, towards our goal of minimalism.

We’re currently overseeing the bathroom installation aspect of our tiny home, since we’re refurbishing a shed and there currently aren’t many amenities for us to use in there. It’s been a whole project and it’s taken almost a year to get to this point, but I think the wait is a good thing. It shows us that this is what we really want to do, and that it isn’t just some trend that we’ll get bored of in only a couple of months.

To complete our tiny home, we have hired a company specialising in bathroom renovations. Melbourne has a number of these around, but this one is specifically very skilled in regards to making the most of small spaces. You see, even though we don’t have much room in our new house, we still want it to feel spacious. So, for example, having enough room in the shower, and having a two-person sink and basin with two taps so that we can both get ready at the same time. The lighting also has a role to play, since often the way light bounces across a room can create the illusion that there is more space.  The company we’re hiring is also great at repairing outdated plumbing and fixing tiles and shower grout.