Tampered With The Car

I always get so sad when my boyfriend leaves. Not leaving me as in forever, but just going back to his house for a couple of days. I know it sounds pathetic but I just really wish we could always spend time together. He’s such a positive influence on my life and makes me feel so happy and safe. Whenever I’m around him I feel like all my problems just go away and that nothing else matters except for being happy together and enjoying each other’s company. How nice is that? It’s for this exact reason that I get sad when he leaves.

I know this sounds crazy and that a lot of you would think that it is, but the last time he came over, I made some slight alterations to his car when he was sleeping. Trust me, I know how it sounds, but it was completely innocent. I just wanted to spend a couple more hours with him in the morning so I made sure that when he woke up he’d need a car service. In the Cambridge area, it’s easy enough to get a car service so it’s not like I really put him out.  

When he woke up, we had breakfast together like normal. It was really nice and I felt really happy that when he left he’d be back within a minute. That’s exactly what happened. We said bye like normal and then he was back. How perfect is that? I wish it was like that all the time. 

He came back inside mumbling in frustration about needing a series of car repairs. Close to Cambridge, there are plenty of mechanics and so he booked one pretty much as soon as he got back inside. I was frustrated with this. Didn’t he want to just sit back and relax for a while? I respected his wishes though. I’ll fill you guys in on what happened next in my next blog post.