Shoulder Repair Two

Being an enthusiastic tennis player, I’m well familiar with witnessing fellow players sustain injuries during training sessions and tournaments. Many of my tennis partners are in the retirement age bracket, above 65, and view tennis more as a leisure activity. However, recently, I myself encountered a shoulder injury that had a notable impact on my game. The pain reached such intensity that I had to abruptly cease playing as my tennis racquet slipped from my grasp. In an initial attempt to manage the injury, I resorted to minor remedies like heat packs and increased rest. Unfortunately, my shoulder’s condition worsened rather than showing signs of improvement, prompting me to take definitive action.


In the past week, I secured an appointment with a specialist in shoulder injuries. From the array of choices, I selected the finest shoulder injury specialist Melbourne had to offer near my vicinity, prioritising proximity to minimise any risk of exacerbating the injury during travel. Upon arriving at the office, I received a cordial welcome from the receptionist and was directed to a waiting area until I was summoned into another room to meet the specialist. During our consultation, we delved into my symptoms, which encompassed persistent upper arm pain, frequent biceps cramps, and discomfort while rotating my shoulder. The specialist acknowledged my frustration over being unable to engage in my beloved hobby, tennis. After conducting a series of tests, she concluded that I had likely strained my biceps by exerting excessive force during racquet swings. She also indicated that a procedure known as biceps tenodesis would likely be necessary. Through various simulated arm movements, she assessed the extent of the tear, raising an eyebrow in response, signifying the considerable severity of the injury.


Post-surgery, a recovery period spanning several weeks will be required, during which I’ll need to wear a sling. I eagerly anticipate the day when I can once again step onto the tennis court and recommence indulging in the sport I hold dear.