Save My Business

Being a small business owner is hard. I have to deal with so much more than people would expect. People only scrape the very surface of what it’s like to have to run a business. Not only do I have several weekly, monthly and yearly expenses, I also have random one-off costs and problems arise all of the time.

My financial situation is so bad that I almost had to say no to getting solar panels installed on the roof of my business because I couldn’t afford it. The irony is that using solar panels as my main power source would save me money in the long run, but I couldn’t afford the initial output without any sort of small business grants for solar energy. Melbourne businesses go under all the time because of continually increased fees and I didn’t want to be one of them. Luckily, the government did have a few solar small business grants available to me and I was able to get a few solar panels installed on the roof of my workplace. It’s been six months now and I’m already noticing the savings. It’s actually fantastic. Saving money on this utility has meant that I could redistribute the funds to other areas of the business, helping my business thrive! How incredible is that?

Speaking directly now to all other small business owners out there, do yourself a favour and capitalise on solar for small business. The benefits are incredible. Making the switch to solar as my major form of energy has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not only is it really good for saving money for my business, it’s also drastically helping the planet which is something that I can definitely be proud of. Hopefully by making the transition to solar power, I’ve effectively saved my business from financial ruin and helped to save the planet from whatever it is it needs saving from.