Quest for Roses

I have to get the missing rose petals for Kagomi! She’s the love of my life (although I’d never actually admit that to her), and the rose I got her meant the world to her. I’m sure she was just shattered when it got picked up by the wind and scattered across the valley. She said I didn’t need to find the petals, that it wasn’t too important to her, but I’m sure she was just saying that so I wouldn’t have to make such a heroic sacrifice for her. Well, it turns out that I really am just that heroic. It isn’t even that big of a deal. How hard can a bunch of rose petals be to find anyway?

I don’t care how many vicious beasts I must fight to prove my love and gather the pieces of the sacred hybrid tea rose. I don’t care if my evil twin brother decides that he’s also after the rose and the mysterious power it possesses. I don’t care if some demon stands in my way, threatening to destroy the entire world if he gets his hands on this rose and all its petals. I will fight and I will win, and when I have finally gathered the pieces of this magical, incredible rose, Kagomi will see that she truly does love me. I won’t replace this beautiful rose with some climbing roses I bought online or at a flower shop. No, this hybrid tea rose is special. I’m sure of it. I haven’t seen its power, but when Kagomi said that it was “just magical”, I knew it to be true.

Sure, I could just buy seeds online and let her grow some new roses with them. Those roses wouldn’t be “just magical”, though, would they? That’s why I have to go on this dangerous quest. With my trusty sword by my side, I’ll be able to get it done and reunite the petals. I’ll do it even if it’s my last act! It will be well worth it to prove my love.

– Yasha