Glass Remarks

Did you know that when copper is exposed to the air it goes green? It’s a pretty cool phenomenon that I’m trying to capture in my new building. When people walk past this building, they’ll wonder how I managed to get it to look like that, and I’ll tell them it’s through oxidation. My place is going to become a real tourist destination, I think. Especially when I get that copper stair balustrade installed. Yeah, all the block people are going to come to look at my brand new building when it’s done. Oh, you thought I was talking about real life? No, that’s not what I’m talking about at all. I’m talking about a building in the classic video game, Build a Mine!

It was a long time ago that I stopped caring about what people thought of my creations in real life. The event that caused this attitude was quite a tragedy, actually. After I had a glass wall destroyed by the Glass Smashing Bandit, I turned to one of the best businesses for glass repair in the Melbourne area and arranged for an amazing new glass wall to be created. I spent months designing it and doing the proper research. When it was done, I found myself overwhelmed with pride at the glass. That was when my friend Trent came over and didn’t even seem to notice it. I had to ask him directly what he thought, and he just told me that it looked like an average wall of glass. I’d never been so insulted in my entire life! Months later, though, when I’d finally gotten over it, I decided that I’d never care about what people think in the real world again. The virtual, video game world is where it’s at now. People can’t hurt you here.

I hope that you’ll remember this important fact the next time somebody hurts your feelings. Just do everything you care about in a virtual world and you’ll never be hurt again!