Convenient exercising







I hate going to gyms. I’m quite a shy person and going to gyms can, at times, feel like all the focus is on me. I know this is in my own head and that most people are concerned about myself, but I do see some looks at times that make me want to quit the gym indefinitely. Then there’s all the people who attend the gym and think they’re some sort of social media personality. Gyms are hardly gyms anymore. Now they’re just overloaded with people who think they’re going to be scouted to be at the front of a magazine. 

When I take aside the superficiality of gyms, then comes the element of convenience. I don’t find gyms convenient anymore. Once upon a time, I used to love going to the gym but now it’s just so crowded. It feels like there are people everywhere. Nearly every time I go in I find myself having to modify my whole routine for the session because people are in the way and using the equipment I want to use. What makes it even worse is that they’re using the equipment incorrectly. It makes me want to go ahead and buy the best home gym equipment and never step foot into another public gym again.

More and more people seem to be setting up home gyms and I honestly don’t blame them. A hope gym means you can train whenever you want, without the worry that you’ll turn up to a session that is overly crowded. I’d say there’s definitely an added hygiene factor because you won’t be using equipment that has come into contact with other people’s sweat. I’m going to acquire the most top rated fitness equipment available. Australia has so many gym bros who think they know best, but so many are clueless when it comes to proper equipment. I’ve done the research and know exactly everything I need to put together a world class gym facility right in my home.